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Offer 2018/2019

Youth production on location

Played last season  The Bosjes , the  first location production of JHPjong. coming season  Jori Hermsen again directs an existing text on location, but in the Utrecht area. At the moment he is working on it  selecting a piece and assembling the  group.

Have you always been in a professional production on location  want to stand?  Report  Then sign up for the auditions of this  new youth production on 2 of  September 9th!


age: 15  up to and including 23 years

dates: 9   January to June 2 (Tuesday evenings  and two assembly weekends)

time: 19.00-22.00

performance dates: end of May/beginning of June

place: Utrecht

price: 400 euros (until 21 years VAT free) 
director: Jori Hermsen (supported by a  professional crew)

Do you want to participate, but are the finances  a problem? Then we would like to refer you to the Utrecht Province Youth Culture Fund. Go to:

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