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Unfortunately, we don't have any vacancies at the moment, but if you want to become a volunteer or are looking for an internship, please contact us! We are usually up  Search  nasty  interns  and  volunteers!

Theater maker and teacher Elize Kuiper about her internships as an assistant director at our foundation:

From my internships  Bee  Jori Hermsen Productions I have  learned the most and I am now the theater maker I want to be right now.  I started as an assistant director at  PIECE  (Text by Gijsje de Kooter)  ,  a coming of age performance about the search for identity and the world around you. From the first moment I felt a click with Jori and there was the opportunity to develop myself as a person and maker. He involved me in the process and took my views and opinions seriously. I already knew a bit about hard work, but I experienced that even more with Jori. And that was with love because we both worked hard with the same goal: to put on a beautiful performance. Sometimes it was tough  but more often it was educational, fun and fun to work hard on a final product. I learned a lot about having a professional attitude, making location theater, directing young people, amateurs and professionals, and combining content and image and working equally on it. I have found that perhaps I enjoy working with young people who are ambitious, but who also have room for development and who, with my early experience, can teach me something about directing and acting. Jori and Jessica gave me the opportunity to work with them on various projects for a year. Projects that were sometimes difficult due to  group processes ,  locations that were hard to find, or just lack of time, but (and this sounds cliché) I learned a lot and I'm glad I got to experience it! 

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