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The Bushes

The past is not dead. It's alive, it's happening in the back of my head .

 JHPYoung  in collaboration with the Naturally Uitermeer foundation

On the day that the Russian cosmonaut Gagarin makes his space flight, a hole appears in the fence to the bushes where it is not allowed to play. A group of young adults look back on a childhood moment when one of them suddenly disappeared. They try to find out what happened in the bushes that day.


Directed by Jori Hermsen, De Bosjes is a musical and fairytale thriller. With a cast of eleven young people and a crew of young professionals, JHPjong creates a poetic and moving location performance about losing innocence and coping with loss.  


Norwegian writer Jesper Helle won with the text De Bosjes  (Lilleskogen) in 2001 de  Wilhelm Hansen Fondens Nordic playwright award 2001 and in 2004 the Hedda Award.

Play dates 

premiere thursday  24 May 20.30

Friday 25 May  2018  20.30

z aterdag May 26, 2018 20:30

sunday 27 may  2018 20.30

friday june 1  2018  20.30

Saturday 2 June 2018  20.30

Text  Jesper Halle

Translation Tom Kleijn

Direction, scenography & production  Jori Hermsen
Directional assistance & technique Brian Verhagen
costumes  Jessica  Zeylmaker

Dramaturgy Melissa Knollenburg

Vocal coaching Rosalinde Nierop

Game Andre Dashorst,  Esrah van Emde Boas, Kiara Dispa, Maud Wabeke,  Mendel van der Ploeg, Merijn Trimbos, Mertijn Wien, Milla Kamstra, Ovide van der Vlist, Paula Wabeke, Rajja Gomez Iglesias and  Sophie Anna Veelenturf.
Photography and graphic design  Mascha Hendriks

Teaser Guillaume Versteeg/G3bstudios

Thanks to  Manda Productions and all our volunteers.

ticket sales


Fort Uitermeer,  Extremely 5,  1381 HP, Weesp

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