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Circus Waltz

Play dates

tryout  Thursday  26  May  2016  20.00

premiere Friday 27  May  2016  20.00 SOLD OUT

performance Saturday 28  May 2016  OUT OF STOCK

  performance sunday 29  May  2016  14.30  OUT OF STOCK

performance friday  June 3, 2016  OUT OF STOCK

performance Saturday 4 June 2016  OUT OF STOCK



  Direction &  scenography Jori Hermsen

Dramaturgy & directing assistants e  Melissa Knollenburg

Editing  Melissa Knollenburg and Jori Hermsen

Production assistance  Shaked Franke

Game  Aiken Somberg,  Andre Dashorst,  Asli Salzmann, Christian Nyqvist, Dunja van der Velde,  Eva Smith, Femke Trommar,  Gina Beekelaar,  Gregor ten Holder, Guido Hoek, Juliette Sanders, Manon Lewin,  Melanie Seuren, Merijn Trimbos,  Mertijn Wien, Reyna Veldhuis, Simon Akkerman, Tatiana Krol,  Tom Dolkens,  Trudie Hendriks and  Wilma van Oenen 

Costumes Jessica Zeylmaker

Photography and graphic design  Mascha Hendriks

Videos teaser and crowdfunding  Youri Kramer

Audience Guidance  Celia Eijtjes and Servio Verburg

Sponsored by  Company Traktor, Cafe het Helletje, Huysgrower Vechtwijck Weesp, Party Shop XL, Uysal's hair fashion  and the  ING

Thanks to  Amber Koeman, Gym Association Weesp and  OAZ Achtergracht, Wim Hermsen, Marijke Meems, Mandy Methorst, Ineke Strik-Barkey, Thijs Bastiaens, David Bordewijk, Sofi Shield and Koen Wouterse.






 Jori Hermsen Productions in collaboration with

Palace Wesopa &  The Domain  


Theater production Circus Waltz is based on the eponymous series by Robert Alberdingk Thijm and Norbert ter Hall, produced by Bosbros at the time and broadcast by VPRO, VARA and NTR.


At the end of May 2016, a rough location performance will premiere at the cultural business park 'Het Domijn'. Jori Hermsen Productions, in collaboration with amateur company Paleis Wesopa, is making an adaptation of the television series Circus Waltz of the same name.


With no fewer than 21 players between the ages of 12 and 70, director Jori Hermsen takes on the challenge of discovering the world behind the magical slopes of the Waltz family.


The Waltz family has been fighting for the survival of their circus for years. Their faith in the circus binds them, but when circus director Willy Waltz turns out to be seriously ill, the circus dream turns into a nightmare. The conflicts in the family are sharpened; which of them has the capacity to succeed Willy and continue his life's work?


This raw, yet imaginative location performance is an ode to anyone who does not allow themselves to be ruled by fear and who retains the courage to make dreams come true.


Cultural Business Park  The Dome,

Bloemendalerweg 51, 1382 KB, Weesp


"We want to see life in the theater, theater in life."

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