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I work as a director  both with professionals, young professionals and  amateur. I find it a challenge to connect these groups with each other. For my performances  I exhaust both  new as  existing theatrical repertoire, in which man's eternal search for something to hold on to is palpable. My directing is visual,  poetic,  musical and often moving.  

I am  specialized in making performances at special locations (factory halls, farms, courtyards,  office buildings, etc.), where the location is just  has important input  as the text.  


After graduating from the acting course in Utrecht (HKU) in the direction of actor-theatre maker, I mainly focused on directing. In 2006 I founded Theatergroep Sonja, where I directed several performances until 2014.  In 2015 Theatergroep Sonja transferred to the Jori Hermsen Productions foundation. Under this foundation I now initiate and direct a lot of my own work. Recent  I directed De Bosjes, De Beer and  Alpha Centauri.  


In addition to my work as a director, I am director / mentor / teacher at the 4-day  Theater Preparatory Course Amersfoort  and work  I occasionally work as a freelance actor. 

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©  Jessica Zeylmaker

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