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Workshop Improvisation

in Utrecht

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In this workshop you will receive various improvisation assignments. From the "Floor" scenes to written great stories. Teacher Jessica Zeylmaker writes these improvisations on the person. You are introduced to various improvisation techniques. Techniques that help you play in the here and now, deepen your playing, and to stimulate your acting fantasy.In the lessons there is a lot of individual attention and coaching.


Some reactions from students following the workshop Improvisation

"I think the best thing about the way Jessica gives the workshop is the fact that she manages to create a fair, but very safe climate from the start. This quickly creates a pleasant group atmosphere and you dare to take more sides of yourself as a player. to investigate and discover the floor. The honest feedback, clear explanation and structure make it possible to work on your learning goals. This makes it a very fun, but also a very instructive course.'"


- Femke Trommar -  

"Improvising under the leadership of Jessica is a big party. A playground with 'rubber mats' in which I rediscovered to listen, react freely, choose and persevere in different colors and sizes. learned to escalate and make things worse for my character What a joy!  Nancy!!!”

- Nancy Wielenga-

Do you want more information? Send an email to:

Age:  over 16 years

Days: Monday evening from 19.30- 22.30

Lesson days: 4, 14,  Oct 28, 4, 11, 18, 25 Nov  and 2 Dec 2019

Location: Utrecht

Price:  220 euros (up to 21 years no 21% VAT)

Direction:  Jessica Zeylmaker

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