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Direction, scenography & production  Jori Hermsen
Text & dramaturgy
  Melissa Knollenburg
costumes  Jessica Zeylmaker

Scenography assistance & graphic design  Fleur van Daal
Production assistance
  Shaked Franke
  Simon Akkerman, Gina Beekelaar, Jonas Bleijerveld,  Daan Bos, Chaja van Emde Boas, Lorenza Kok, Eric Kuijper, Manon Lewin, Yasmin Le Comte, Vera Mulder, Ruby Rademaker & Mertijn Wien
Technic  Brian Verhagen
  Guillaume Versteeg  / G3b Studios
Scene Photography
  Moon Saris and Rene den Engelsman and Joke Hardeman
Audience Guidance
  Celia Eggs and Servio Verburg
Thanks to
  HKU Loods, Mariella van den Ham, Clemens Rosmulder, Jessica de Schipper,  Ben Papendorp and all volunteers .

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The Virgin Suicides


A quest on the border between life and death.

Tim, Joe, Kevin and Peter grow up in a religious village in Michigan, America, in the 1970s. When six girls next door commit suicide within a short period of time, the boys' lives change forever. The years that follow are dominated by guilt, doubts and a desire to understand the incomprehensible. Gradually they get lost in their search and come to a standstill in time. They will have to let go of the past, but not without one last attempt to reconnect with the Lisbon sisters.


“We got together every night, the boys and I. We looked out on the house from the tree house that stood in Peter Sissen's garden. We searched every day. We're still looking. Everything changed when the girls decided to go.”


Specially for  Jori Hermsen  Productions wrote  Melissa Knollenburg  a moving play, inspired by the book of the same name by Jeffrey Eugenides. The Virgin Suicides is a location performance in which time seems to win over memory and blur the line between love and obsession. 

Play dates 

premiere Thursday 28 July 2016 20.30

Friday 29 July 2016 20.30

Saturday 30 July 2016 20.30

Sunday 31 July 2016 20.30

reprise Saturday September 24, 2016 20.30

reprise  Sunday, September 25, 2016 20.3 0


HKU Shed

  Koningsweg 2, 3582 GE, Utrecht

  ticket sales

Tickets are sold exclusively through Ticket Office.


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Good to know

-It can get quite hot on location, so wear light clothing.

-There is no pin available for drinks.

-Tickets can only be purchased online.

-Free parking in front of the door


-Preview in the Algemeen Dagblad

-Preview in the Weespernieuws

*This production is based on the translation "De  suicide  of the girls" by Mieke Lindenburg/ Publisher contact

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