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in three pieces

 JHPjong  in collaboration with the Naturally Uitermeer foundation

“You cherish us when we are little. You want us to be happy.

And then we'll do something that doesn't make you cheer.

Something that doesn't fit the bill."


PIECE  is a bittersweet location performance about the search for identity. Youth is vulnerable, no matter how well we guard its borders. And when we are finally ready to take the step into adulthood, youth vanishes as quickly as time.  


Directed by Jori Hermsen,  PIECE  a musical, feverish dream that gets under your skin and won't let go. With a cast of eleven young people and an artistic team of professionals, JHPjong creates a raw and gripping performance about the struggles of youth on the way to adulthood.

Gijsje Kooter won the Kaas & Kappes German-Dutch Theater Writing Prize in 2009 for STUK.  In 2010 STUK . became  awarded first prize at the Arad Goch Scriptwriting Competition.

Play dates

  premiere   Thursday 23  May  2019 20.30 

Friday 24  May  2019  20.30

Saturday 25  May  2019  20.30

Thursday 30  May  2019  20.30

Friday 31  May  2019  20.30

Saturday 1  June  2019  20.30

Text  Gijsje Kooter

Direction &  scenography Jori Hermsen

Director's assistant  Elize Kuiper

costumes  Jessica  Zeylmaker

Game Bart Snijders,  Irene Hogervorst,  Jonnah  Goldberg, Julie Broere,  Juliët Niessen, Kiara Dispa, Lin Blom, Mertijn Wien,  Merry Trimbos, Ovide van der Vlist,  Rhode Gerrits

Teaser and graphic design  Guillaume Versteeg/G3bstudios

Scene photos Paul Hoes

Thanks to Femke Trommar ,  Trudie Hendriks , Ina Mulder, Marry Verbeek, Brian Verhagen, Melissa Knollenburg, Jasper Roek and all volunteers

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