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 Jori Hermsen Productions in collaboration with Naturally Uitermeer

“We may not be handsome, but we are braver than any other animal.

No god strong enough to live with his future forever.  No man brave enough to look his past in the eye."

(from the Circe myth)

Debauchery, lust and love, murder and manslaughter, triumphs and tragedies; the Greek myth are wilder and more ferocious than life itself.


Directed by Jessica Zeylmaker, MYTHE is an inspiring theatrical route that takes you via the River Styx, to the remote  island of Aeaea, on  the divine Mount Olympus, through the whispering woods of King Midas, through the caverns of Hades, to the summer abode of the Greek gods  Pelion leads. Decor is the beautiful site of Fort Uitermeer in Weesp. Melissa Knollenburg has created five new myths especially for Jori Hermsen Productions; Circe, Eros, Midas, Orpheus and Paris.

Play dates

premiere  Wednesday  10  July  2019  20.00

Thursday 11  July  2019  20.00

Friday 12  July  2019  20.00

Saturday 13  July  2019  20.00

Sunday  14  July  2019 14.00 

Direction, concept & costumes  Jessica Zeylmaker

Text  Melissa Knollenburg

Producer and scenography Jori Hermsen

Assistant director and technique Elize Kuiper

Game Aukje Zuidema, Bart van Oerle, Bertie van der Bom,

Brian Verhagen, Doris Bartels, Gregor ten Holder,  Gina Beekelaar,  Juliet Niessen, Merry Trimbos, Mertijn Wien and Tatiana Kro l

Game mythical figures and  wedding guests  Rhode  Gerrits, Kiara Dispa, Tristan Valkenburg, Lou Hitters, Yael Aerts, Malou Wayper.  

Teaser and graphic design Guillaume Versteeg/G3bstudios

Scene photography Angela  Stouten and Jessica Zeylmaker

Costume assistant Marianne Verhoeff

Thanks to:  ING, Music Herveld foundation, HKU, all our extras and volunteers.

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