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Girl in yellow raincoat

Theater Pre-training Amersfoort/JHPjong


To our sorrow we have  had to decide to give our final performance 'Girl in Yellow Raincoat' by  Theater Preparatory Course Amersfoort

to cancel.


One of the students had been at home for almost two weeks and did a Corona test last Monday, which turned out to be positive. In order to guarantee everyone's safety and to prevent further spread, we have therefore decided not to further edit and play the performance.

We have all worked hard over the past few weeks to put something beautiful on the shelves while taking into account the Corona measures. But nobody can do anything about this force majeure. We are going to make a short video inspired by the piece, more about that later!

People who have already bought a ticket will get their money back. They are still being emailed about this. If you want to support us, you can still donate your ticket to our preliminary training, that is very welcome. We could use some support during this time.


Text  Jon Fosse

Direction, translation  & design  Jori Hermsen

Assistant director & technique Elize Kuiper

Game  Esmee de Gans, Irene Hogervorst, Koen van der Heijden, Manouk Hooimeijer, Marjolein den Boer, Ovide van der Vlist  and  Yael Aa rts  

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