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Lord of the Flies

JHP Jong

“We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?”

After a plane crash on a desert island, a group of students are the only survivors waiting to be rescued. Cut off from the outside world and without adults, they are thrown back on themselves. The young people slowly lose their grip on reality and in the mutual war that follows, all innocence is lost. What happens when people assert their primary urges and fear rules?

Directed by Jessica Zeylmaker, Lord of the Flies is a  feverish  childish nightmare, in which urges and desires run rampant. With a cast of nine  young people and a crew of (young) professionals, JHPjong creates an energetic and moving performance about how to survive in a world without adults.

Text  William Golding

Translation Jibbe Willems

Direction & costumes  Jessica Zeylmaker

Design & production Jori Hermsen

Assistant director & technique Elize Kuiper

Game Dominique van Iperen, Jens Huls, Jonnah Goldberg, Merijn Trimbos, Nikki Dietz, Noa Kenney, Puck Boekestein, Rhodé  Gerrits and Tristan Valkenburg.

Photography Paul Hoes

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