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Theater production "The Glory of Asten"

in Weesp


A mysterious black angel has been spotted in Asten and it has been

remote village of Asten not the same anymore. It's like in the little mean

shelf - where everyone knows everything about each other but where secrets are always

stay covered - the jars come off the lids, hidden urges arise

bubbling, frustrations intensify and jealousy rears its head.

There isn't really one main character in the play. The main character will be

formed by 'the clique' of people themselves, the community, the Astenaren. The 'glory' to which the title refers stands for the  sexual

drive, for a force of nature that opposes the norms and morals of

the closed community manifests.

"The Glory of Asten" was written by Hans van den Boom and is  directed by Jori Hermsen.

Rehearsals start in October 2020. Performances in March 2021.  


Age:  from 18  year

Rehearsal day: from October 2020 every  thursday evening

Rehearsal schedule: click here (still under development)

Dates: March 2021

Location: Weesp

Price:  350  euro (until 21 years VAT free)

Directed by: Jori Hermsen

Do you want more information? Send an email to:

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