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It  last fire

Theater Pre-training Amersfoort/JHPjong

“Receive, when my life  past  is,

My endearing love for you

From the smoke rising from my burning body.”

After a  awesome  year full  theater lessons at our Theater Pre-training Amersfoort, we close the year with a  gorgeous  final performance!  

A sad suburb of a provincial town. A stranger witnesses a child being killed. This tragic event acts as a catalyst on the lives of seven  eccentric characters. A traumatized soldier, a grandmother with dementia who constantly forgets that her grandchild has died, a policewoman who desperately hunts for terrorists are a strange combination of characters that make the deepest pain and the greatest emptiness of existence palpable.


As in mosaic films such as Magnolia and Babel, Dea Loher creates a kaleidoscope of human incapacity that is as poignant as it is staggering. Her characters live on the fringes of modern society, surrounded by indifference. The Last Fire stubbornly and mercilessly poses the question of what it is that connects people. What breeds feelings, understanding, trust? It's been a long time since these questions have been asked so insistently.

Text  Dea Loher

Direction & design  Jori Hermsen

Assistant director & technique Elize Kuiper

Costumes Jessica Zeylmaker


graphic  design and photography Mascha Hendriks

teaser  Hard Salt

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