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The Marriage Proposal

Chekhov's one-act plays


The young landowner Lomov comes to ask his neighbor Chubukov for his daughter's hand. Honored by the proposal, Chubukov brings in his daughter, but before Lomov gets a chance to ask his bride, they get into a bonfire over who owns an insignificant ox pasture. Tempers run so high that Lomov almost pays for it with death.

Text  Anton Chekhov

Producer  Jori Hermsen Productions
Game Martijn van der Veen, Jessica Zeylmaker and Jori Hermsen
  final direction  Maurits van den Berg

costumes  Jessica  Zeylmaker

production  Jori Hermsen

Publicity and sales Melissa Knollenburg

Photography poster and flyer Mascha Hendriks

Scene photography Bram  Petraeus

Teaser and recording Guillaume Versteeg

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