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Chekhov's one-act plays


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emotional, clumsy,  stumbling, doubting.  The characters of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) are just like real people. Although his plays are set in the Russian countryside of the 19th century, they are still very recognizable because of that timeless worry.

De Beer, The Marriage Proposal and On the Harmfulness of Tobacco are the first three one-act plays in a series of eight, which Jori Hermsen Productions will perform on special outdoor spaces in the coming summers.  locations will bring. We play both at festivals, but also  on  request.

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Text  Anton Chekhov

Producer  Jori Hermsen Productions
Game Martijn van der Veen, Jessica Zeylmaker,  Jori Hermsen and Brian Verhagen.
final direction  Jori Hermsen (The Bear),   Jessica Zeylmaker (On the harmfulness of tobacco), Maurits van den Berg (The Marriage Proposal)

costumes  Jessica  Zeylmaker

production  Jori Hermsen

Publicity and sales  Melissa Knollenburg

Photography poster and flyer Mascha Hendriks

Scene photography Bram  Petraeus and Guillaume Versteeg

Teaser and registration Guillaume Versteeg

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