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The Cherry Garden

 Jori Hermsen Productions in collaboration with Naturally Uitermeer

After years in Paris, the widow Ranjevskaya returns to her native land in Russia. She finds a changed world there. The family's debts have become so high that the house and the accompanying estate will be auctioned. The businessman Lopachin sees a way out. He proposes to cut down the cherry orchard and build summer residences on the vacant land that can be rented out.


Chekhov's last piece depicts the painful downfall of people who live in the illusion of the past and do not understand the new age. The cherry orchard has become unprofitable over time. In the past, the cherry jam was made. But even the old house servant Firs, who has worked on the domain all his life, has forgotten the recipe in the meantime.

The future belongs to the capitalists and the fast money. In The Cherry Orchard, the roles are literally reversed. Lopachin buys the house where his father used to work as a servant. The former possessor is used to be the new possessor. Ranjevskaya has land, but no money. She is incapable of any other way of thinking.

The refined drawing of people living in the vain craving for something that no longer exists, has made The Cherry Orchard one of the most beloved pieces in the world repertoire.  


The show  plays  on the beautiful grounds of Fort Uitermeer in  Weesp.

Direction,  scenography and producer  Jori Hermsen  

Director's assistant  & Technic  Elize Kuiper

costumes  Jessica Zeylmaker

game Andre  Dashorst, Christianne  Wouters, Femke  trommar,  Gina  beekelaar,  Gregor  at  Holder, Marjolein Haagsman, Marlene  Little, Mertijn  Wien, Luca Turenhout  and  Tatiana Krol.

Photography and graphic design  Mascha Hendriks

Teaser Hard  Salty

Thanks to  all our volunteers.

Play dates

The performances in Weesp have been canceled for the time being due to the Corona. We are exploring new possibilities.


Fort Uitermeer,  Extremely 5,  1381 HP, Weesp

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