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The bear

Chekhov's one-act plays


The inconsolable widow Popova, who wants to prove to her late husband that she is a better person than he is, has decided to mourn for life. She only speaks with house servant Loeka. When creditor Smirnov comes to claim his borrowed money from Popova,  he met quite a bit of resistance. Despite his anger, he is impressed by Popova's steadfastness. She wants nothing to do with Smirnov and tries to get him out the door as quickly as possible; dead or alive. Smirnov, on the other hand, has completely different plans; stay put until the last cent is paid.

Text  Anton Chekhov

Producer  Jori Hermsen Productions
Game Martijn van der Veen,  Jessica Zeylmaker and Brian Verhagen
  final direction  Jori Hermsen

costumes  Jessica  Zeylmaker

Publicity & Sales  Melissa Knollenburg

Photography poster and flyer Mascha Hendriks

Teaser, scene photography  and recording Guillaume Versteeg

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