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Man repeats himself and keeps repeating himself until mortality beats habit.


In the valley of an ice-covered mountain stands the only building in the Rørsle: 'Villa Montaj.' A group of people is alive  awaiting the return of summer. Years ago they saw the sun disappear behind the mountain during a snow storm that drove them all into the villa.  Since then they live  here in peace, apart from each other, an individual with a travel partner. Until she  waking up one day to a burning light. When the thaw begins, their old life suddenly becomes accessible again. But what if the outside world turns out to be bigger and angrier than expected?  

Direction, scenography & production  Jori Hermsen

Text  Melissa Knollenburg

Director's assistant  & technology Iris van den Berg

costumes  Jessica  Zeylmaker

Game Andre Dashorst,  Daan de Bruijn, Elize Kuiper, Femke Trommar,  Juliet Niessen,  Marjolein Haagsman, Mertijn Wien,  Nancy Wielenga, Sandra Hoving and Tatiana Krol.

Photography and graphic design  Mascha Hendriks

Thanks to  Jasper Roek, HKU and all our volunteers.

Play dates

premier e  Friday 8  Nov 20.30 2019

Saturday 9  Nov 20.30 2019

sunday 10  Nov 3pm  2019

Thursday 14 November 20.30 2019

Friday 15 November 20.30  2019

Saturday 16  Nov 20.30  2019



Welding workshop, Soesterweg 334, 3812BH,  Amersfoort  

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