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“A small newspaper report: Four years after the bankruptcy of Sabena, the Belgian airline, ten people were still working. That touched me. Until then, I had naively assumed that after bankruptcy, everything stopped. The ten employees who still work at Droomreizen bv decide at the end of the piece to travel to Alpha Centauri, the closest star after our sun. A rather unrealistic solution, but a beautiful dream. I believe that dreams like this - more than anything else - have brought us where we are, and defined us as human beings. Times have changed and the importance of this piece has only grown. And the longing for the past, the fear of change and the concern for the uncertain future is at least as great. Just like the necessity of dreams. Preferably unrealistic. And finally, fortunately, we are still able to have a hearty laugh about all that.”


(Joeri Vos on his text Alpha Centauri)

Alpha Centauric


If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough.


Droomreizen BV is bankrupt, 6,000 employees are on the street. Still, ten people are still working at the head office to complete the bankruptcy. The end is in sight, because four years after the bankruptcy, most of the work has been done. What do you do when you know your work is ending? Then you keep working and act like nothing is wrong. But the veneer of mundane office chatter is wafer-thin. Fortunately, there still seems to be an escape from this misery, in the form of a journey. But where will this journey end?

Joeri Vos wrote this tragicomedy in 2006 when the housing market started to collapse. Director Jori Hermsen is now staging the performance, 12 years later, at a raw location in Utrecht. Ten ambitious and passionate amateur players investigate which desires, ambitions and dreams are hidden under the layer of clean appearances. Alpha Centauri shows that, no matter how hopeless the situation, it is necessary to keep dreaming

Text  Yuri Vos

Direction, scenography & production  Jori Hermsen
Directional assistance & technique Brian Verhagen
costumes  Jessica  Zeylmaker

Game Andre Dashorst, , Daan de Bruijn, Femke Trommar, Marieke Koudstaal, Marjolein Haagsman, Mertijn Wien,  Nancy Wielenga,  Rutger Groeibach, Sandra Hoving and Tynke Hiemstra

Photography and graphic design  Mascha Hendriks

Teaser Guillaume Versteeg/G3bstudios

Play dates

premiere   Thursday 8 February 2018 20.30

Friday 9 February  2018  20.30

Saturday 10 February  2018 20.30

Sunday 11 February  2018  20.30

Friday February 16  2018  20.30

Saturday 17 February  2018  20.30


HKU Shed

  Koningsweg 2, 3582 GE, Utrecht

ticket sales

good to know

  • It can get quite cold in the shed, so wear warm clothes.

  • There is no pin available for drinks, so bring enough cash with you.

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