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Youth production "Lord of the Flies " 

in Weesp


For the youth production Lord of the Flies we are looking for talented and driven young people  between 14 and 24  year.

An extant text by William Golding.

After a plane crash on a desert island, a group of students are the only survivors waiting to be rescued. Cut off from the outside world and without adults, they are thrown back on themselves. The young people slowly lose their grip on reality and in the mutual war that follows, all innocence is lost. What happens when people assert their primary urges and fear rules ? For this production we are looking for talented young people between 14 and 24 years old.


Rehearsals start on September 24, 2019 and the  versions are:

thursday 6 february  2020      20.30 

Friday 7 February  2020          20.30

Saturday 8  February  2020        20.30

thursday 13 february  2020     20.30 

Friday 14 February  2020         20.30

Saturday 15 February  2020       20.30

view the schedule here  

Do you want more information? Send an email to:

Age:  14 to 24 years

Rehearsal days: Tuesday evening 

Times: 19.00-22.15

Rehearsal schedule: click here

Play dates:  6, 7, 8,13,14,15 February 2020

Location: Weesp

Price:  400  euros (up to 21 years no 21% VAT)

Direction:  Jessica Zeylmaker

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